The Missing Link Trilogy

"Everybody in our town had their own ideas about my step-brother, Danny. Some of them called him disabled, some said he was autistic and some just referred to him as "that poor boy". The truth was that there were only two people who knew what Danny really was. One was his father, who didn't believe it. The other was his mother, who did."



'You wouldn't leave us, Danny, would you? To live at sea, I mean. For ever.'

'Of course not,' said Danny. But even as he spoke, his gaze returned to the sea, and I could sense the longing in his heart.


In this thrilling sequel to The Missing Link, Christie and Danny undertake another dangerous journey, which brings them into contact with their genetic origins in the most unexpected ways.


In the secret community where, through genetic experiments, animals can talk and children carry animal genes, an unimaginable alien presence makes its appearance. Vividly described by Christie in his diary, this creature raises terrifying questions. Is it a threat to all civilized life? Can it be destroyed or contained . . ?


Alternating with the diary is the extraordinary story of Ness and Farral. Will their dangerous journey heal the rift that exists between their two communities?






'Intelligent, blackly amusing and ingeniously put together, this part novel, part fable is a masterful piece of writing' - Nicholas Tucker


'...a tremendous plotline...a great series' - The Times

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