The Fourth Horseman




'Such is the force of Thompson's writing that readers find themselves dragged along in her wake . . . powerful stuff, well worth reading' - Times Educational Supplement (TES)


'The science and symbolism move towards a crescendo against a backdrop of conflict between Western imperialism and opposing fundamentalism. Secrecy by government adds an extra sharp and topical edge' - The Bookseller


'Excellent new story from the winner of last year's Whitbread and Guardian prizes' - Publishing News


'A different kind of fantasy . . . Gripping' - Observer


'It's pacy and powerful - a great read for our perilous times. It reminded me of Alan Garner and Madeleine L'Engle - and certainly an elegant addition to their genre' - Siobhan Dowd


'A well-written and exciting novel' - The Guardian


'Beautifully written in crisp, clear, elegant prose approachable by any confident reader' - The Bookbag

Should you believe what you see with your own eyes, even if it can't be explained?


When Laurie is arrested for setting fire to her father's research lab she's unsure what to say in her defense. Should she say that she's an animal rights activist? Or should she tell the whole story, about the mysterious riders that she saw in the woods and the terrifying truth that lay behind their appearance? In the eyes of the police she is a criminal. But Laurie knows that she's a hero.