Annan Water



'. . . another intriguingly different story [from Kate Thompson] . . . with two teenagers almost but not quite re-enacting the tragic ballad upon which this well-written and deeply romantic story is based' - Independent


'The style and structure . . . are heartbreaking in their poignancy' - Irish Times


'Kate Thompson has shown remarkable insight into the dreams and disenchantments of young humanity' - Robert Dunbar


'Darkly mysterious and deeply compelling love story from a master storyteller. Highly recommended' - Inis

Winner of the Children's Books Ireland Book of the Year Award 2004


As he rides along the unknown green lane, Michael finds a brief respite from the pressures of school and his family's horse-dealing business. At the end of the lane he meets Annie, who brings colour and warmth into his troubled life. But is she, as she believes herself to be, bad luck?


Between her home and Michael's lies Annan Water, a deep and mysterious river. In its dark past, it seems as though the story of their love for each other might already have been told.

German edition