Marcus is a young baker in Ancient Rome, living with his family in the shadow of the murderous Emperor Littleboots. When a slave boy shoves the reins of a sleek, beautiful horse into Marcus’s hands seconds before he is killed by a soldier, Marcus knows he’s in danger – because the horse is Incitatus, the Emperor’s most prized and powerful animal.


Will Marcus find a way to keep Incitatus hidden? Are the rumours of Littleboots’s death true – or is it all a trick? And how can Marcus save himself, and his family?






Kate Thompson's Wanted illustrated by Jonny Duddle, is a terrific adventure about a boy called Marcus trying to get by in ancient Rome, and accidentally acquiring a horse that turns out to be something a little special. This is a lovely book, with fine line drawings, the sort you'd be happy to see a boy of eight reading, and I hope it is the beginning of a series. - The Daily Telegraph


Another master stroke from a master storyteller.- Inis



US hardback edition

Statue of the Emperor Caligula riding his racehorse, Incitatus.

And the Spanish edition

One of Jonny Duddle's beautiful illustrations