Highway Robbery


Highway Robbery


'Hold the mare for me, lad. And when I come back I'll give you a golden guinea.' It's more money than the street urchin has ever dreamt of. But who is the rider, and why is there so much interest in his big black horse? And will the boy ever see the money he has been promised? There's highway robbery in the air, but it isn't always entirely clear just who is trying to rob who.


This is the cover of the US hardback edition.

This is the original hardback cover. It had a soft, velvetty finish. Nice:)


This is the cover of the unabridged audio book version, narrated by Jilly Bond.





This short chapter book ... is just the thing for those leaving early readers behind and wanting fast-paced action, dry humor and an ending that leaves room for discussion. - Kirkus


...a reading delight, kids will get a kick out of this. - School Library Journal


Highway Robbery is suspenseful story, well told, and with a great twist in its tail. It's difficult to make stories for children of this age atmospheric, and Thompson's managed it with great panache. What more could you want? - The Bookbag