Welcome, and thanks for tracking me down. I hope it wasn’t too difficult, and that you enjoy the site. You’ll find information about my books (for both children and adults), a bit of biographical background and some useful links. There's also some music which I recorded with two friends when The New Policeman first came out. Have a listen, if you have time. If you’re not familiar with Irish traditional music it will give you a taste.


The pictures at the top and bottom of this page were taken in the Burren National Park, near where I live. It is a wonderful, magical place, and is an ongoing source of inspiration for me.


If you have any queries you can write to me directly at my email address listed in the links page. I’ll answer as many of your messages as I can, but I hope you'll understand that I may not be able to get to them immediately.


Finally, am I the Kate Thompson you are looking for? If not, please go to the links page, where you’ll find a listing for the other Kate Thompson.